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Menu Planner Bundle Includes:
Menu Planner & Wet Erase Marker:
  • Plan meals for the week in less than 5 minutes.
  •  It will cling to your fridge or any smooth surface that is in the kitchen so it is easy and convenient to use.
  •  It’s printed on a transparent material that looks nice yet discrete in the kitchen.
  •  It lists out all of our favorite meals so I don’t have to try and think of what to make on a blank slate.
  •  Write in a custom meal or jot down grocery items as they are running low.
  •  Comes with 42 meal labels to make planning easier.
  •  The meal labels are reusable and it’s fast and easy to make changes when needed.
  •  It has labels for special events so you can keep that in mind as you are planning your weekly meals.
  •  Save yourself time, money and wasted food by using this convenient and easy to use meal planner.
  •  Wet-erase marker Included!
Menu Planner eCookbook: Real Food the Busy Family Will Love
  • Many recipes using the Instant Pot (R) and a high powered blender to save you time and improve nutrition and flavor.
  •  48 of our family's favorite recipes all listed on our menu planner for quick and easy decision making.
  •  Easily adjustable recipes so everyone can eat it how they like it best.
  •  Based around healthy starches that nourish, energize and cleanse so you can feel satisfied and look and feel your best.
Bonus 7-Day Meal Plans and Grocery List Inventory Template
Receive at least two different 7-day meal plans to give you an instant plan on getting started and cooking meals in ways that save you time and effort, while giving you many delicious meal options during the week.
A list of our seven member family's entire grocery list that we use to keep keep track of the food we purchase, how much we like to keep on hand and where we usually purchase it. 
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