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Highway to Wholesome Mission:
To help families enjoy creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts, one mile at a time.

"I'm feeling more energetic"

Thanks Tasha for you wisdom and knowledge! I was inspired to start making changes the very next day to how I look at food and feed my family. I'm feeling more energetic and noticing my chronic stuffy nose is clearing up. I am sleeping better and not so tired and achy in my joints. I'm not taking all the medications I used to deal with these issues any more and generally feel so much better after just three weeks. -Chris

"Made it easier for me"

“Mentoring with Tasha was a great experience! I have tried to eat healthier for years and years. Tasha has been through the process of eating healthy and lovingly guided me through it! She broke it down and made it easier for me.  She gave me tools and support that were fundamental to allowing me to meet the goals that I set with her.” -LaRissa

"Make delicious, simple choices that you will love."

“People who fear making healthy adjustments to their diet need not worry. She will teach you how to make delicious, simple choices that you will love. If having energy to spare and a clear vibrant mind is important to you, you will be glad you invested the time to get to know Tasha and learn from her. She has a gift and the passion to change your life!”

Essentials Tools to Save You Time, Money and Energy Feeding Your Family: 
Save time, money and energy when it comes to planning, purchasing and preparing your meals! Menu Planner Bundle Includes: the transparent menu planner cling, 48 meal labels, wet erase marker, sticky back velcro circles for mounting the wet erase marker to keep it close by, an eCookbook with the recipes for the meal labels, The Grocery List Inventory Template and two 7-day Meal Plans.
I affectionately call this my mini-chef because I let it do most of my cooking for me! Best of all you don't have to be there when it cooks,
it makes the food taste better and keeps in more nutrition than
other cooking methods.
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